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Hi, I'm Jac. I'm really bad at these things because I never know what to write about myself. Some main things are just... I'm loud I complain I like to argue I'm optimistic I talk a lot, but I listen just as well. I watch too many movies, probably cause I'm lazy. I'm sarcastic, so I apologize in advance

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost and Found

This was written when someone.. who was... important to me told me he was on his death bed. I know it's not that great. But it was something just to help relieve pain from myself.

I waited for you all night, all day
You told me you had something to say.
I told you I could never live without you,
With that you replied, you just may have to.

I couldn't believe what I had just read
I could feel my heart, pound in my head.
My chest it ripped, it started to throb,
I didn't realize, I had started to sob.

I'm losing my mind, complete control.
My body is weak, so is my soul.
I just can't comprehend that you may leave,
So here I am, down on my knees.

Believe me when I tell you I love you,
No matter what happens, that will stay true.
I always be, your baby, your angel.
I love you forever, passed death, until..

Cause I can't live without you
Breathe without you
Baby I need you by my side
I can't bear the thought of losing you,
That feeling just wont hide.

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