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Hi, I'm Jac. I'm really bad at these things because I never know what to write about myself. Some main things are just... I'm loud I complain I like to argue I'm optimistic I talk a lot, but I listen just as well. I watch too many movies, probably cause I'm lazy. I'm sarcastic, so I apologize in advance

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Who's the sexiest man alive?

Ah hm. Jake. He'll never see this so I think I'm safe. Haah
But if I went for celebs. Well, I would say Hugh Laurie, and Gerard Butler.
Oh god! Travis Wall. Shane Dawson... hmm I'm done.

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Have you broken any bones? If so, how?

Wow. Okay. Let's start into this. The first bone I broke was my ankle. I fell off the monkey bars at school in 3rd grade. I'm trying to think which one, and I can't remember. After that, I broke my tailbone on a trampoline. I fell within the springs. Also, I've had many stress fractures in both my feet, which sounds not so bad, but, hurts like shiiiiiit.

Ask me anything

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost and Found

This was written when someone.. who was... important to me told me he was on his death bed. I know it's not that great. But it was something just to help relieve pain from myself.

I waited for you all night, all day
You told me you had something to say.
I told you I could never live without you,
With that you replied, you just may have to.

I couldn't believe what I had just read
I could feel my heart, pound in my head.
My chest it ripped, it started to throb,
I didn't realize, I had started to sob.

I'm losing my mind, complete control.
My body is weak, so is my soul.
I just can't comprehend that you may leave,
So here I am, down on my knees.

Believe me when I tell you I love you,
No matter what happens, that will stay true.
I always be, your baby, your angel.
I love you forever, passed death, until..

Cause I can't live without you
Breathe without you
Baby I need you by my side
I can't bear the thought of losing you,
That feeling just wont hide.